The world’s most unique ocean supplement

BIOFILAM is a rich, natural, raw, whole-food source of naturally occurring, bio-available iodine, magnesium, calcium, antioxidants, vitamins, essential amino acids (high quality protein), and many important minerals and trace-element. One teaspoon provides the same amount of organic micro- & macro-elements contained in an entire plate of brown seaweed.

A natural, raw, organic whole-food

  • Made using patented cold-process vacuum drying technology that produces a concentrated kelp extract, in powder form.
  • Raw, whole, ocean-based super-food.
  • Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and people on a raw food diet.
  • Organic, wild-grown, and sustainably harvested.
  • Tested for purity, free from heavy metals and radioactive fall-out.

The story of BIOFILAM

Developed in Russia in the 1960’s by a group of scientists working in the State Rehabilitation Institute, where victims of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe underwent treatment. The healing qualities of seaweed have been known for centuries, so the Russian government instructed scientists to develop an effective and powerful seaweed based remedy for helping the body heal from radiation poisoning. After testing various forms of algae, one type yielded the best scientific data for this purpose. It was the giant brown seaweed known as Laminaria Japonica (a form of kelp), which grows wild in the northern Pacific Ocean of the coast of uninhabited islands far to the East of Russia, known as the Kurils.

Powerful alginates

One of the main qualities of Laminaria is its high content of alginates, which are enhanced by the extraction process used to produce BIOFILAM. Alginates are the most effective organic elements that enable the human body to get rid of heavy metals and toxins. Not all “algae” have alginates; only brown seaweed such as Laminaria does. The patented process of physical extraction and low-temperature vacuum evaporation of BIOFILAM causes sloughing off of the heavy outer fibres of the seaweed, while retaining the essential properties of the plant and its water soluble inner gel. This extraction process further enhances BIOFILAM’s bio-availability, making the Laminaria more digestible.


  • Boost the immune system with anti-viral and anti-cancer properties.

  • Help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

  • Detoxify the body from heavy metals, radioactive elements, free radicals and toxins.

  • Aid weight loss by improving thyroid, metabolism and GI-tract function.

  • Help smokers detoxify from heavy metals including strontium and cadmium.

Light-years ahead of ordinary kelp

Forty five pounds of raw Laminaria (kelp) are required to make one pound of BIOFILAM. That makes it a 45 : 1 concentrated extract of raw kelp. The oldest Japanese recipes of preparing seaweed tell us to eat seaweed raw, rather than cooked. Modern science affirms that the anti-cancer substance called Fucoidan, as well as beneficial polysaccharides, will break down if the seaweed is cooked.

Some of my patients have reported excellent results in conjunction with oral chelation therapy, e.g. detoxification re: mercury, cadmium, lead, etc. Personally, I have experienced the same effects over the last 6-8 months. Certainly, I am planning to continue on a daily basis with taking Biofilam. It is needless to say that Biofilam would affect and lower cholesterol (LDL), regulate blood sugar and exert different anti-viral and anti-cancer effects. It is one of the best, most pure vitamin supplements and there is a good use for hypothyroidism due to iodine content. Also, it is a well known fact that cholesterol metabolism is closely connected with algorithm of collagen cartilage breakdown – e.g. osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
V. Shurlan, M.D.

Orthopedics, Sport Medicine and Rehabilitation

Is it the same as Modifilan?

BIOFILAM® is the current name of the original patented product developed and produced in Russia. Up until 2007 it was known as Modifilan®. The US based distributor’s contract expired in 2007, and after a dispute with the producers the original registered trademarks (i.e. brand names) for this product were lost to that distributor. As a result the original product, with more than from Russia is now called Biofilam®.

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