Store Points earned on every order

With every order you’ll earn valuable store credit, in the form of Points. Currently every $20 you spend will earn you 1 of Point. Every Point is worth $1. This is the equivalent of 5% of what you spend (on product).

This means, if you buy 1 kg of BIOFILAM for $320, you’ll get $21 in credit.

You can use this Points toward any future order, just like regular cash. For example, if you have 21 points on your account, and you buy another 1 KG at $320, you can redeem those points and you’ll only pay $299.

Terms & Conditions

Points are only earned on the product total of your order, after all other discounts have been applied. So, if you use a discount coupon on your order, the final (coupon discounted) product cost is the amount you’ll earn points on.

Points are not earned on shipping or any other fees applied to your order.

Points are not redeemable for cash or any other form of remuneration or monetary benefit. Points can only be used toward orders on the website.

20 points has a value of $1 credit on your purchase.

Points are stored for 18 months (547 days) from the day they were awarded. They expire after this period.

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