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Why bulk powder?

The common and most available way to use Biofilam is in capsules. When I first started working with this product back in 2004, it was explained to me that originally the product was taken as a powder, mixed into some water. I was also told that it only started being encapsulated in order to meet the needs of the North American market. The distributors found that the average American was not accustomed to the taste of whole foods, especially sea vegetables like kelp. As it is also my preference to use such products in an un-encapsulated form, where possible, I went with using the powder. In my naturopathic practice in New Zealand I would supply the powder, and that’s what I’ve continued to do for friends and clients in the United States, Canada, Europe, and elsewhere.

There are a number of advantages to using Biofilam in a powder form.

DOSE: It is easier to take a sizable dose, like 5 grams for instance. That would be 10 capsules, which is a lot of capsule swallowing. But as a powder you just measure out approximately 1 teaspoon.
HYDRATION: Biofilam requires a lot of water to hydrate it. When you use this product you will notice if you leave it in the class after mixing (1 teaspoon), after a minute or two the glass liquid will be so thick you’ll have to spoon it out and eat it as a semi-solid. I believe it is best if the product is hydrated, to some extent, before it enters the body.
PRICE: It is much cheaper to buy Biofilam in a bulk powder form from Inspired Nutritionals than it is to buy capsules. 1 kilogram (2.2 lb) of powder is the equivalent of 2000 capsules. The normal retail price is around US$32 per bottle of 90 capsules. That comes to $711 for 1 kilogram. It is also possible to buy 12 bottles at a time, at around US$24 a bottle, which comes to US$533 per kilogram.Buying it as a bulk powder provides a saving of at around 40 to 50% (depending how many bottles of capsules you buy at a time). That’s $213 to $390 in savings.
CONVENIENCE: One kilogram of the powder happens to be about the right amount to have a little over 5 grams per day, for 6 months. In my naturopathic practice, I suggest my clients use Biofilam daily for 4 to 6 months, and that they continue to use it on a daily basis as a general health supplement (for iodine, minerals, trace elements, and detoxification).
VEGETARIAN / RAW: The capsules are made from animal derive gelatin. If you adhere to a vegetarian / vegan diet then it will not suit you to use Biofilam in capsules. Also, if you are on a raw food diet, the capsules do not classify as “raw” so this will not suit you either.

How much should I eat per day?

Suggested dose (when using bulk powder from Inspired Nutritionals):


For general health maintenance: 1/2 teaspoon (about 3 grams) per day.
For heavy metal chelation: 1 teaspoon (about 6 grams) per day for at least four months.
For cancer: as directed by your physician (usually 3 to 6 grams per day in divided doses).


For general health maintenance: 1 – 2 grams per day

Can I mix it with something other than water?

Yes, you can for example blend it with juice, freshly squeezed lemon or mix it in your smoothie, our try the recipe for Jonathan’s super smoothie

How do I mix it?

Put a teaspoon BIOFILAM in a standard 8 oz/250 ml glass with a little bit of water while stirring to avoid lumps then fill up the glass with water to preferred consistency. Drink it shortly after mixing it otherwise it will become very thick. Drink another glass of water to help your system make best use of the BIOFILAM. Use non chlorinated/fluoridated water.

I am unsure I like the taste, is there an option?

It is true that for a small minority of people the taste and/or texture of Biofilam (mixed in water) will be unpalatable. I have come across just three people who found they simply couldn’t eat it this way, and who had to revert to using it in capsules. What they did was buy empty #00 capsules, and fill the capsules themselves. Everyone else I have supplied bulk Biofilam powder to found it quite okay to drink.

Personally, I enjoy it. But then I happen to love sea vegetables and I include a lot of them in my diet. I realise many people may have never eaten a sea vegetable (commonly referred to as “seaweeds”) in their life, or have perhaps only had nori which is wrapped around sushi nori rolls. Therefore, if you are not certain you’ll be happy with the powder, it is important you first determine whether you can pallet it. The product is non-returnable unless there is something materially wrong with it. But not likely the taste is not an issue we are in a position to accommodate for returns. Please see our Returns Policy for full details.

What is the difference between BIOFILAM and MODIFILAN?

Please visit this page for more information: Modifilan

Can I eat BIOFILAM while I am on medication?

Please consult your physician or health practitioner

Can I eat BIOFILAM while I am pregnant?

We know of no contraindications, please consult your physician or health practitioner.

What about the high iodine content?

Biofilam consists of organic iodine that feeds the thyroid gland, promoting normal metabolism and glandular function. We highly recommend researching Dr Brownsteins scientific studies on iodine and the thyroid.

How is this product different from the kelp I buy in my healthfood shop?

BIOFILAM is not just another dry seaweed product. It is not simply “kelp powder” like you get at the health food store. It is a cold-processed concentrate of the best part of the kelp plant. BIOFILAM is a highly concentrated product. FORTY FIVE pounds of raw seaweed is needed to make ONE pound of BIOFILAM. What’s more, only the alginate, nutrient, and fucoidan rich inner gel from inside the giant kelp is included in the product. It is free of the hard-to-digest and touch cellulose fibres from the kelp skin. Read more here and here.

How do I store it?

BIOFILAM is best stored in a glass jar in room temperature for everyday use. If you need to store it for a longer time without opening it, it’s best to be kept in the freezer.

Is this beneficial for hypothyrioidism or hyperthyroidism?

BIOFILAM is beneficial in both cases.. more info on this topic will be answered shortly.

Is this a medication?

No, it’s a whole food, BIOFILAM is a concentrated kelp extract, a 5 gram teaspoon is equivalent of eating 225 gram (almost a 1/4 kg) of raw seaweed