Returns Policy

All orders place on this site are subject to the following Returns Policy. This Policy forms part of our overall site wide terms, conditions, and policies, and it repeated here because it’s important to read if you wish to buy bulk Biofilam from this site.

Return of faulty product

If there is something materially wrong with the product, it can be returned for a replacement. This may include damaged product (unlikely, since it’s a powder in a vacuum packed bag), underweight product (only if in its original unopened state), or some other genuine defect in the product.

No Other Returns Possible

If you simply discover you don’t like the taste or have some other issue of personal preference arise, it can not be returned. You may be able to arrange to return it to the therapist who recommended you buy it. But you will need to discus that with them in person.

Because of the nature of our business, we are not in a position to accept returns of product. This all started out as me (one person, Jonathan) using this product for myself (to see what effects it had after 6 months of use) and providing it to my clients in New Zealand. As I discovered a growing number of people interested in detoxifying from radioactive isotopes (particularly after the nuclear disaster began in Fukushima in 2011) and from heavy metals, I started to make it available to people I was in personal contact with in the United States and in other countries I travel to, where I give talks and workshops on holistic health topics.

Over time I meet numerous doctors and natural health therapists who were interested in getting this product, in a bulk powder form, to some of their clients. That’s when I decided to set up this web site to make that process easy for all concerned. But this is not a big business, and it essentially has no staff or business premises. In simple terms, whilst I do make some money off of each order, I primarily do this as a favour and service to friends, family, and people wishing to improve their health.

With the above information in mind, if you are not happy with these terms, please refrain from purchasing. You are always free to buy Biofilam at retail from various online sellers. It’s typically around US$25 to $30 per 90 capsules (45 grams). As you can see, that’s a lot more expensive than I am offering it for.

IMPORTANT: Taste Testing

If you are not entirely certain you like the taste of kelp powder, it is very important you try before you buy. The best way to do this is to ask your referring doctor or therapist for a sample. They should be able to provide you with 20 grams or so, which is about 4 teaspoons. Mix one teaspoon of this into a full glass of pure water and, without delay, drink it promptly. Do this four days in a row, and see how you get on. If you determine the taste/texture is no problem for you, then please go ahead and order it from me in bulk.