Returns Policy

All orders place on this site are subject to the following Returns Policy. This Policy forms part of our overall site wide terms, conditions, and policies, and it repeated here because it’s important to read if you wish to buy bulk Biofilam from this site.

Return of faulty product

If there is something materially wrong with the product, it can be returned for a replacement. This may include damaged product (unlikely, since it’s a powder in a vacuum packed bag), underweight product (only if in its original unopened state), or some other genuine defect in the product.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your purchase of BIOFILAM from Inspired Nutritionals has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I’ve been making this incredible product (patented, cold processed kelp—Laminaria japonica—extract powder) available to friends, family, and clients since around 2003. I set up this website in 2010 to make available to the clients of various doctors and health practitioners who knew me, and who wanted a way to get BIOFILAM powder to their patients. At that time all orders were non-returnable.

Around 2014 I opened this site to the general public, to make BIOFILAM powder readily and cost-effectively available to people in North America (and many other countries). For many years Inspired Nutritionals was the only seller of BIOFILAM powder in North America. Obviously it’s now available to people who don’t know me personally, and who have not been referred by a health practitioner who knows me. That’s a bit of a risk for me, because kelp extract has a distinct taste. It’s oceanic. It’s raw. It’s natural. It’s unadulterated. It has nothing in it to change its flavor or to trick your tastebuds into liking it. Simply put, when it comes to ancient healing ocean sea vegetables this is the real deal. I’ve found around 15% to 20% of people have a hard time with the taste of this product. I’ve found nearly all those people were fine when they mixed it into something to mask the flavour. And a small number of those people found the best option was to encapsulate it.

So here’s my sincere offer to you …

Be mindful that kelp concentrate is, well, concentrated. It has a strong taste. Personally, I love it. But it’s not everyone’s favorite flavour. So think of it as medicine. And if you have a hard time with the taste, make an effort to help the medicine go down. Mix it into a smoothie and mask the taste. Or whatever it takes. I know, without a trace of doubt, your body will love you for it. And …

… If after really giving this wonderful super food from our Mother Earth your best shot—after using it for at least three week—you feel it wasn’t worth the money you spent on it, you’re welcome to request a refund. Send back what you’ve not used, and I’ll refund your full purchase amount (less any shipping costs). No questions asked.

IMPORTANT: Taste Testing

If you are not entirely certain you like the taste of kelp powder, it is important you try it before you buy. The best way to do this is to buy it as capsules, and then empty 10 of the capsules into water, and drink it. If you don’t like the taste, you can at least use the rest of the capsules (without emptying them). For your test, mix one teaspoon of powder from the capsules into a full glass of pure water and, without delay, drink it promptly. Do this four days in a row, and see how you get on. If you determine the taste/texture is no problem for you, then please go ahead and order it from me in bulk.

Alternatively, you could buy the smallest quantity I sell (BIOFILAM 125g) and try that out, before investing in a larger amount such as 500g or 1kg.

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