What follows is an interview between Mike Adams (from Naturalnews.com) and Sergei Zimin who represented the company that was once the distributor for Biofilam (at that time called “Modifilan”) in the USA. The product he is referring to in this interview was since rebranded to Biofilam, so the following interview has been edited by Inspired Nutritionals to reflect this fact, for the sake of clarity and accuracy. All instances of “Modifilan” have been replaced with Biofilam (correct as of today, and since 2008). The interview is here divided into sections according to topic, see our other articles for the full interview.

Mike: Is there anything you can talk about, or are there any supporting studies about this seaweed stopping tumor growth, or anything you can share?

Sergei: There are many studies on mineral qualities of seaweed as the source of anti-cancer agents, especially an element called fucoidan. Since our product offers everything seaweed has in the most potent and bioavailable digestible form, whatever your readers can find on the quite extensive range of health benefits of seaweed, will be in Biofilam. I cannot go into the subject deeper than that, but I can say one thing: Whatever you see or read about brown seaweed, expect our product to deliver this at the best level in terms of its potency, volume, and bioavailablity. If you’re talking about fucoidan itself, it’s evaporated oligomineral that has been very well known for a long time. It’s been researched, studied, and described widely, and there are even some fucoidan products available now in food supplement form. Mostly these are multi-level marketing efforts. In our product, we have this element — this mineral — by default and by natural occurrence; it’s not an extract that we have to put in. It’s in absolute, synergetic, natural combination with other elements like iodine, protein, selenium, manganese, magnesium, and all the things that make a food a food. It’s very modest in terms of its volume if you do a simple chemical test for how much of that is in Biofilam, but the way it comes in Biofilam is absolutely natural. So yes, our product can be successfully used to prevent, control, and fight problems involving health conditions. We are definitely not turning this product into a medicine. Many of our clients are licensed medical professionals who find this product useful in their practice as a tool, or they send their patients to buy this product in certain situations. That makes us very firm believers in what we do and make here. Biofilam is our basic product, but we also make a product called U-FN. It’s another product made from exactly the same type of extraction process as Biofilam, with some additional potassium and calcium to stabilize and enhance one particular mineral element in the kombu — it’s the fucoidan in a bioavailable form, a type you can eat which still delivers. If we go back to your question about the possible help people with cancer can get from our product, they may expect Biofilam to help them in this situation, but it is not a product that simply delivers more of fucoidan mineral qualities. With everything else, Biofilam is a better product. For detox, for thyroid support in terms of mineral iodine content, Biofilam is a better product to use, but U-FN is a product that needs to be looked at by those who are looking for fucoidan.

Mike: Fucoidan is not technically a mineral — isn’t it man-made?

Sergei: No. It’s actually a created substance, yes.

Mike: We would call it a phytonutrient.

Sergei: Evaporated oligomineral is what they actually call it. If you do a detection of fucoidan in our product, there is some in it.

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