What follows is an interview between Mike Adams (from Naturalnews.com) and Sergei Zimin who represented the company that was once the distributor for Biofilam (at that time called “Modifilan”) in the USA. The product he is referring to in this interview was since rebranded to Biofilam, so the following interview has been edited by Inspired Nutritionals to reflect this fact, for the sake of clarity and accuracy. All instances of “Modifilan” have been replaced with Biofilam (correct as of today, and since 2008). The interview is here divided into sections according to topic, see our other articles for the full interview.

Mike: Okay. I’ve got one more question for you. This one concerns the people who are involved in strength training or body building. Myostatins are substances that inhibit the signal that turns off muscle growth. So the theory is — and this is all just theory at this point, I don’t know that there’s any research on it — if you take myostatins and you’re working out, then you will grow muscles larger than normal because the signals are being controlled by the myostatins. There are, in fact, some nutritional supplements in the body building community that are focused on these myostatins to control or regulate muscle growth. It’s my understanding that the polysaccharides in brown seaweed also contain some amount of this. Are you familiar with that or is that something you’ve looked at?

Sergei: No, but I sometimes say Biofilam is good for natural doping, because, again, it’s a means of feeding your thyroid and controlling your adrenals. You simply have more energy, you are truly awake, and you have more power. It’s as simple as that. If somebody exercises regularly and they take our product, they sit-up, push-up, pull-up more than if they’re not eating this product. But to answer your question, no. I didn’t know about anything of that particular nature in our product. So I can’t say that we had any detection of this in Biofilam, in our works, or in the sales efforts of those who offer this product to the bodybuilding community. I suspect that using our product will be a helpful thing to do, because those who find the muscle growth in active exercise balance will just be stronger. They will pump more iron. It’s simple. You will run longer distances, and you will catch your breath faster, but only ones who truly exercise regularly can see this. A healthy eater, when they start to eat our product, they won’t see any of that detox effect — it’s only energy, regularity, things like that. Sometimes it’s just a few days after you start Biofilam that you start to feel that.

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