What follows is an interview between Mike Adams (from Naturalnews.com) and Sergei Zimin who represented the company that was once the distributor for Biofilam (at that time called “Modifilan”) in the USA. The product he is referring to in this interview was since rebranded to Biofilam, so the following interview has been edited by Inspired Nutritionals to reflect this fact, for the sake of clarity and accuracy. All instances of “Modifilan” have been replaced with Biofilam (correct as of today, and since 2008). The interview is here divided into sections according to topic, see our other articles for the full interview.

Sergei: Biofilam was created in the late ’60s in the Soviet Union at a time when alginates were already researched and studied. Sodium alginates — chemical extracts from seaweed — were widely known and used for detox purposes, but it was all IV application, where the sodium alginates were mixed with this liquid and put directly into the vein. It was very complicated, there were side effects, it had to be done in a true hospital setting, and it was expensive. The whole idea with Biofilam was to deliver all the mineral qualities — including alginates, which was the mineral they were after — in a concentrated juice of seaweed. They simply made alginates available by eliminating an obstacle in the body — the cellulose. So that was actually the whole idea of Biofilam. It was made in the Soviet Union for many years, but in very small quantities. It was not very well known or available to most of the public — mostly just people involved in situations where they had a certain degree of environmental exposure to toxicity, ionic radiation, and contamination. After Chernobyl in 1986, it was first made in a larger quantity. About three tons of Biofilam was produced, all at once, after Chernobyl blew up. That was the first time — and the last time, actually — that Biofilam was produced in the Soviet Union in that quantity. Then the Soviet Union went apart, and even Chernobyl became a good case study for Biofilam in terms of its applications beyond alginates only. Unfortunately, the Soviet Union disbanded, and all of this information became unwanted and too complicated, and the product was too expensive to make at the very beginning in Russia.

Mike: As I understand, there were some very positive results in helping people eliminate radiation, and even the chemical detoxification of this plant is documented in other contexts as well.

Sergei: Actually, more than 2,000 people were taking Biofilam on a daily basis for about two months under the supervision of doctors. These were the guys who were re-excavating the whole area around Chernobyl and changing the sewage system out. Two thousand people in a very geographically enclosed situation were eating about two tablespoons per day, so it was actually a good case study for the product. There was something in this product that medical doctors didn’t know about, because again, the only use that Biofilam was known for was the detox qualities of alginates. But the people who started to take this product in a very unhealthy situation developed an interesting reaction to this product’s use, even when they had pre-existing health conditions. Most of those people working around the Chernobyl area were reserve-drafted people, ex-military men age 25 to 45. Most of those guys — especially if you’re talking about those older than 40 — had quite a few unhealthy things in their lives. Using Biofilam by default on that many people at the same time, people who were sleeping together, eating the same food and all, that was a good thing for the research.

Mike: One of the things that really attracted me to this product is the fact that so many Westerners have literally hundreds of toxic synthetic chemicals in their bodies. You can not live in society today — at least not in the United States — without being exposed to all of these different chemicals that become embedded in your heart, your kidneys, liver, brain and many other organs. One of the things that was really exciting to me about your product was that I’ve read a lot of very reliable research talking about the ability of sea vegetables to not only protect us from these toxic chemicals, but in some sense to help us detoxify those chemicals as well. Can you speak to that in any way?

Sergei: Yes, I can. Many of our professional customers are licensed medical professionals, true MDs or NMDs, who use this product for detoxification qualities. Being an absolutely natural product, Biofilam is a very good alternative to biochemical chelation protocols. Sometimes you have to spend a lot of money to be very strict about your diet and supplement yourself with many minerals, because to chelate using chemically formulated protocols means you deplete your own mineral spectrum. Speaking of the side effects of biochemical chelation protocols, Biofilam is a winner when detoxing, because the detox or healing crisis effect is very mild. So yes, if you use our product in a situation where one is contaminated, like off-chart PPM levels of mercury, lead, uranium or strontium — especially those metals that do not belong to the nutritional table of metals — using this product for about three to four months, in a quantity of six capsules a day for an average-size body, will make people clean. A good proof of this would be to do the same thing for three or four months after you start using our product. Usually it takes about six to eight bottles of product used over a period of three to four months to start to see a difference. A hair or urine test will give a great truth in terms of numbers, but the main difference people will see is in how they feel. When they start to take this product, in about three to five weeks — which seems to be an average introduction period for people with health conditions, especially if there is toxicity involved — they will go through a detox stage that never lasts longer than a week, and it’s very mild. It doesn’t happen to everybody, every time that they take this product, but people will be aware of some of that effect. If it’s heavy metal contamination, you can count on this product to do a very good job with a very modest level of detox symptoms.

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