What follows is an interview between Mike Adams (from Naturalnews.com) and Sergei Zimin who represented the company that was once the distributor for Biofilam (at that time called “Modifilan”) in the USA. The product he is referring to in this interview was since rebranded to Biofilam, so the following interview has been edited by Inspired Nutritionals to reflect this fact, for the sake of clarity and accuracy. All instances of “Modifilan” have been replaced with Biofilam (correct as of today, and since 2008). The interview is here divided into sections according to topic, see our other articles for the full interview.

Mike: Well, to summarize some of the benefits we’re talking about: endocrine function, immune function, the adrenals and thyroid, also part of the endocrine system. Any other benefits?

Sergei: The simple things are hair, nails, skin, energy throughout the day, gastrointestinal problems of a lighter type. When people have acid reflux, eating our product helps a lot with digestion patterns. It regulates appetite, too. People who eat our product, eat less. Eating our product makes you feel that particular limit. Let’s say you’re eating your breakfast, you feel that line where you’re satisfied with your food, when you feel full, faster and more clearly when you take Biofilam. It’s an interesting effect.

Mike: Yeah, I completely second that. I think that part of that may be the reduction of cravings, also, through the mineralization.

Sergei: Probably so, but I was told some weird things like hormonal happiness, hormonal being full, which adults lack. With a kid, when the little guy doesn’t want to eat any more porridge, he’ll twist his head and spit it out where we adults will usually eat whatever is left on our plate. The same thing applies with the lion. It catches the cow, munches it, and eats like crazy, then at one point, boom: He just flips on his side. Then, if another cow comes over and licks his nose, he will not even pay attention. It’s the same thing with hormonal happiness. So doctors know that there is a strong connection between how people feel themselves mentally and endocrines. That is why sometimes taking our product brings, what people call, a sensation of wellness. It’s one of the things that we can proudly announce. I know that it will fall into the category of medical claims but knowing this product myself very well and having it given away for a long time until we made it our business, makes me very proud of saying it beyond the reason of now it’s being sold because we make it. We are a very small company — two men, two products — but we’ve been doing this for ten years. We are not new. You said it right, in certain alternative circles we’re known very well. Many natural doctors know our product, and most of this is sold under the traditional, regional trade name. Dieticians, holistic chiropractors, kinesiologists, and all these kinds of “weird” doctors sell it. We passed a clinical study for type 2 diabetes with one of our private label customers. It’s a medical clinic in Seattle that sells under a different name, but for type 2 hemoglobin HbA1c, hemoglobin serum test, 100 percent success. It lowers serum, and it makes people with type 2 diabetes go off their medication in about three to five weeks. Type 1 will take less insulin; let’s say one shot instead of three shots of insulin daily when they take Biofilam. People who eat this product for about three to five weeks and have been on centroid or hormones for 20 years, they can get off those too.

Mike: I never would have thought of using this product for diabetes. That’s really interesting to know, and perhaps we can explore that further in another interview. Thanks for joining us today, Sergei.

Sergei: It’s been a pleasure.

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