85% Fucoidan Powder


If you are looking to an affordable and high quality source of fucoidan powder or capsules, please read the description below, and add your name to the waitlist on this page.

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I’ve been supplying patented Laminaria japonica extract powder, from the original developers in Russia, since late 2003. For a long time (around 10 to 15 years) Inspired Nutritionals was the only source of this product in North America, in powder form.

I am currently looking into making 40% fucoidan and 85% fucoidan available to my customers. Most likely in both capsules and powder. As usual, I’ll supply a high quality product, at an excellent (perhaps the best) price. It is, however, an expensive item to buy, even at wholesale. 85% fucoidan is highly concentrated, which means it takes a lot of kombu / kelp to make it.

Before going down that path, I want to know if people are interested in it. If you are, please add your name to the Waitlist using the “Request In Stock Notification” on this product page. I will use this as an indicator of interest in high quality and cost effective fucoidan. You won’t receive any spam, and your address won’t be shared with anyone. If I do decide to start supplying fucoidan, I will send you an email to let you know. That’s all.

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