Biofilam, Fucoidan, and SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19)

It was recently brought to my attention (by a customer) that fucoidan is proving effective in the treatment of Covid-19. Fucoidan is found in (and extracted from) Laminaria japonica (kelp), which is the raw material of Biofilam. Biofilam contains around 6% fucoidan....

Fucoidan: Scientific studies and research

There are over 1000 studies indicating fucoidan has a broad range of potential health benefits. This article lists some of those key scientific studies and research on fucoidan.

Biofilam Powder 1kg – Vacuum Packed

Biofilam Powder 1kg – Vacuum Packed

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Biofilam and the anti-cancer connection

Biofilam and the anti-cancer connection

Natural News interview about Biofilam. There are many studies on mineral qualities of seaweed as the source of anti-cancer agents, especially an element called fucoidan. Since our product offers everything seaweed has in the most potent and bioavailable digestible form, whatever your readers can find on the quite extensive range of health benefits of seaweed, will be in Biofilam.

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